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Plastic Foam Solutions in Piqua

Monday, May 22, 2017

So many things are made of plastic and plastic foam manufacturing is growing due to the sheer diversity of what can be created. Polysource is a leader in plastic foam solutions and you can find their products inside helmets worn by bikers, skiers, and horse riders throughout the country. With a molded EPS division they can create virtually anything. They customize solutions based on individual customer needs and produce high-quality products through a combination of the latest technology and a skilled workforce found in Piqua.

Polysource is one example of a growing plastics manufacturing industry in Ohio – one that we are proud to support. Reasons for locating manufacturing facilities here are vast, including our convenient I-75 access, location in the middle of the country, and strong workforce. Learn more by visiting Grow Piqua Now today.

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