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Grow Piqua Now is supported by the generous investment of the City of Piqua and the community's leading employers and organizations, including several Advisory-level supporters in the private and public sectors.

Advisory-level investors help the Grow Piqua Now Board of Directors shape economic development priorities through their participation at quarterly membership meetings and informational seminars. These events cover a variety of economic development activities, including real estate development and financing trends as well as industry-specific topics related to the region's industry clusters.

Investors in Grow Piqua Now also receive timely information about development activity and current trends in the national, state and regional commercial real estate markets. 

Membership Levels

Advisory-Level Supporters

Members of the Grow Piqua Now Advisory Council play a major role in the economic development of the community. The cost for participation for non-educational institutions is $3,500 per year, while educational institutions can join for $1,000 per year.

Large Company Membership

Supporters are those businesses in the community with more than 200 employees and financial institutions that are not advisory council members. Supporters at this level are asked to contribute $2000 per year.

Medium Company Membership

Businesses with 51-199 Piqua based employees are encouraged to join Grow Piqua Now at an annual dues rate of $1000.

Small Company Membership

Businesses with fewer than 50 employees are encouraged to join Grow Piqua Now at an annual dues rate of $500.

Service Club, Non-Profits and Individuals

Grow Piqua Now welcomes contributions from service organizations and individuals at an annual dues rate of $100.