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Local Business Services

Piqua, Ohio boasts one of the most convenient and affordable locations in the U.S. Located on I-75, just 20 miles north from its intersection with I-70, Piqua is an integral part of the Dayton Region. With excellent access to markets, a well-trained workforce, diverse industries, and a low-cost business environment, Piqua provides the tools growing businesses need to compete in today’s economy.

With a wealth of workforce training and educational opportunities in Piqua, there is an abundance of highly-qualified workers for businesses in the community. From skilled manufacturing workers to executives and entrepreneurs, the human resource spectrum in Piqua is diverse and dynamic. In addition, the Piqua area possesses a labor force with an outstanding work ethic thanks to great educational opportunities at the community’s schools, the Upper Valley Career Center and Edison Community College. As impressively, there are over 23 nationally-recognized colleges and universities located within close proximity of the Dayton Region.

The City of Piqua and the Dayton Region enjoy a competitive environment for starting and growing a business. With affordable land, economical transportation costs, and lower taxes, companies large and small find our community to be an ideal location for new investment. And, with our Piqua Municipal Power System, our businesses enjoy reliable and less expensive electric rates—some 15-20% less than those of investor-owned utilities. 

Steeped in a rich industrial history that dates back to the early 1800s, Piqua’s diverse business community encompasses all of the region’s key Industry Concentrations: advanced materials & manufacturing, aerospace & aviation, healthcare & human sciences, information technology & data management and logistics & distribution. With a strong entrepreneurial and small business support network through organizations like theDayton Development Coalition, the Entrepreneurs Center, and the Small Business Development Center at Edison Community College, start-ups and small businesses alike have access to the resources needed to grow and succeed.