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Data and Demographics

Piqua, Ohio boasts one of the most convenient and affordable locations in the U.S. Located on I-75, just 20 miles north from its intersection with I-70, Piqua is an integral part of the Dayton Region. With excellent access to markets, a well-trained workforce, diverse industries, and a low-cost business environment, Piqua provides the tools growing businesses need to compete in today’s changing economy.

The City of Piqua and the Dayton Region enjoy a competitive environment for starting and growing a business. With affordable land, economical transportation costs, and lower taxes, companies large and small find our community an ideal location for new investment. Our available Incentives & Financing also mean companies have the resources to grow and succeed.

Steeped in a rich industrial history that dates back to the early 1800s, Piqua’s diverse business community encompasses all of the region’s key Industry Concentrations. With a strong entrepreneurial and small business support network through organizations like the Dayton Development Coalition, the Entrepreneurs Center, and the Small Business Development Center at Edison Community College, start-ups and small businesses alike have access to the resources needed to grow and succeed.