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Addressing the Manufacturing Workforce Achilles’ Heel

Monday, May 07, 2018

Ohio has proven solutions to the manufacturing workforce gap

Although national manufacturing job projections anticipate open positions for years to come, the manufacturing workforce gap isn’t something on the horizon – it’s already here and manufacturers are concerned about how and if they’ll find talent. The workforce gap is the “Achilles’ heel” of manufacturing.

For many years, escalated by the increasing integration of technology into manufacturing, there have been concerns about the workforce gap. Generations of workers who have been in the industry for decades are retiring, leaving positions open with potentially no one to fill them. Moreover, they are taking with them years of experience and knowledge.

With nearly 3.5 million jobs at stake over the next decade, this talent issue is about filling positions for the long term.

In Ohio, we have a strong base of existing manufacturing workers steeped in industry know-how. Every year, thousands of manufacturing workers are added to Ohio’s available talent pool – from engineers and technicians to welders and entry-level positions, such as a line-worker.

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