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How to Fulfill Your Dreams

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

What does it take to fulfill a dream? As a recent college graduate, you may be envisioning the long hours you spent buried in physics books while sitting on a hard-wooden library chair, hands fiercely scribbling notes in anticipation of the next exam. Perhaps you recall the months it took to complete your portfolio while you agonized over how to breathe life into your presentation. The aroma of coffee wafting through the room may still bring you back to the late nights you spent perched on a worn couch studying for finals, flipping through pages and study guides with your highlighter, intent on not missing anything. These memories represent hard work, time you put in to earn your degree and prepare for your future. This was the first step in fulfilling your dreams and now it’s time to ask, “what’s next?”


Life’s a Journey

If life were a road trip, it would certainly be an interesting one. It can be the road trip where your data runs out, Google Maps stops working and you end up on the wrong freeway or, it can be a journey with a clear destination that’s easy to see and exciting to reach. As you consider what your dreams and goals are, where you want to go and what you want to accomplish, it’s important to think about the things that will make your journey easier or what will make it possible for you to ultimately achieve your dreams.

On the road of life, unlimited data may not be so important but having a clear direction is. When you think about your future, watch the movie of your life. Where do you see yourself? What are you surrounded by? What makes you happy? These answer to these questions is the key to realizing the dreams you have for your life because a life, is far more than a career.

You Can Build a Life in Piqua

Piqua, Ohio has what you need to turn those dreams into a reality. World-class employers are located here and they are searching for recent college graduates to join their teams. These are amazing companies who offer high wages and benefits – the very foundation you need to build a life.

You will find that Piqua has so much to offer.

If the dreams you have for your life include purchasing a home, it is affordable to do here. Housing in Piqua costs 56 percent of the national average, meaning that if a home were to cost $300,000 somewhere else, it would only be $168,000 here. That’s something you can afford on your first professional job out of college.

If you envision a life where your ideas, talents and passions can make a difference, Piqua is ready for you. Our thriving community of young professionals are highly dedicated to our community and involved at every level. With incredible non-profits like the United Way and Piqua Arts Council located here, there are numerous opportunities to serve and grow your skillsets while you do. Imagine being able to walk into an organization, breathe vision and life into a program and be part of the solution. You can do that here. Your voice matters in Piqua because we are an inclusive community who values our young professionals.

What does it take to fulfill a dream?

When you envision your life, picture it in Piqua. Like a beautiful novel with crisp new pages, your story can unfold here because Piqua has everything you need for success.

We invite you to learn more about our thriving community, what other young professionals are up to and our current list of job openings by contacting Justin Sommer, Assistant City Manager and Economic Development Director, at Also, like our Facebook page for updates on activities, events and important news.


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