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Ohio, Indiana Flex Muscle in Annual Site Selectors Survey

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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By Site Selection Magazine

The rebirth of manufacturing in the Midwest is no longer wishful thinking. It’s reality, as Site Selection’s own Governor’s Cup rankings annually attest.

What’s become increasingly clear, however, is that this renaissance is not the result of happenstance or good fortune. According to national site selection consultants who read and contribute to Site Selection magazine, this resurgence of factory muscle in former “Rust Belt” states is the direct result of aggressive pro-business measures enacted by state governments.

Citing such landmark changes as the passage of right-to-work legislation, the elimination or rollback of business levies such as inventory and franchise taxes, and the purging of burdensome regulations, these actively engaged site selectors now agree that the best environments for making things in the Midwest are in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

The survey of our exclusive panel of 26 leading consultants was unequivocal in its findings: 84 percent said that Ohio has one of the three best business climates in the Midwest; 80 percent named Indiana; and 48 percent named Michigan. Rounding out the top five were Iowa (32 percent) and South Dakota (20 percent).

The written comments were telling: 

“I helped a California company relocate to Indiana and they couldn’t be happier.”

“A decrease in both income taxes and regulatory burden is helping Ohio, and the Common Sense Initiative is reducing or reforming the Ohio Administrative Code and other regulations.”

“Reasonable electric rates, logistics infrastructure including highway, rail and barge along the Ohio River, tax structure (no personal property taxes for manufacturing), and an aggressive and much-improved state organization benefit Ohio.”

“The results of the business climate can be seen in the Governor’s Cup rankings over the past several years.”

“Right to Work status, corporate income tax rate and educational attainment are all important.”

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